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 Hafiz Travel World Travel and Tours is among the most trusted companies based in the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of PAKISTAN setting standards in providing high quality services for Hajj, Umrah and all kinds of air travel needs to our VALUED Customers all over the WORLD. 
Hafiz Travel World Travel and Tours's mission is to provide unsurpassed service to all of our clients, allowing them to achieve their personal and professional best. We provide comfort and convenience to all of our VALUED Customers by ensuring that all of our staff possesses excellent customer service skills and the ability to give complete support from booking process to the final destination.
The Secret of Our Success!
About Hafiz Travel World
Our success is only when we meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. We have a passion for excellence and endeavor to set and deliver the highest standards of service, value, integrity and fairness. We value the diversity and power of people, ideas and cultures. We respect and enrich the communities in which we do business. We feel a sense of responsibility to lead by examples of creativity, enthusiasm and loyalty to the customers.
We are proud of providing the best services possible on all accounts from departure
We pray that our brothers and sisters have the fortunate chance to experience this blessed journey of life time.

We are specialist in Hajj & Umrah Services and Since its inception our main objective has been still to ensure that the highest level of professional services should be provided to the Guests of ALLAH. With an unbeatable 15 years of services, we are expanding and constantly improving our network and are now providing professional Hajj & Umrah Services to Hujjaj from all over the world.

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